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How To Apply Lost Passport

How To Apply for Lost Passport

Quite often, we tend to fall into some unforeseen circumstances. One of them is the loss of our passports. Although it doesn't happen to everyone, it can happen to anyone and anytime. A stolen or lost passport can lead to forgery of the passport if it falls into the wrong hands. Just getting a fresh passport cannot solve the issue, as there is a risk of identity theft. Hence, anyone losing their passport should immediately lodge an FIR in the nearest police station and passport office or Indian mission in case you are overseas. Thereafter, you can apply for a fresh passport.

If you are looking for How to apply for a lost passport then, there is a procedure for the re-issuance of the passport. There are three scenarios in which you can lose the passport:

  • If you lose your Indian passport you have to lodge an FIR immediately with the nearest police and then apply for re-issuance. Do not forget to take the report’s original report with you as it would be required for submission.
  • If you are an NRI, you can file a report in the respective Indian mission in that country and apply for re-issuance as usual.
  • If you have lost your passport during travel you have to avail the Emergency Certificate to return to India from the post or mission of that country.

Note: During traveling always keep the following documents handy so that in case there is a requirement of a fresh Passport to be issued, these will serve the need of the hour:

  • Passport number,
  • Date of issuance,
  • Photocopies of the first and last two pages of the passport.

What to do if you lose your Passport?

Step 1: Report to the nearest police station and Passport Office or Indian Mission if staying abroad.
Step 2: Apply for re-issuance on the Passport Seva portal through our website or in the mission if you are abroad and pay the processing fee.
Step 3: Take a printout of the application form.
Step 4 : Submit the required documents in the Passport Seva Kendra along with the application form.

Documents Required

The original and self-attested copies of the given list of documents will be required:
  • Proof of current address
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Annexure ‘F’, or an affidavit with an explanation of how the passport was lost
  • Original police report
  • Self-attested Photocopy of the first and the last two pages with the ECR or non-ECR page if available.

How About Fresh Application or Tatkal Scheme?

You can apply either through a fresh or a tatkal scheme. The number of days for issuance is generally around 30 days and for tatkal, the period of issuance is faster. But the fees are a little bit on the higher side and an excess of INR 2000 has to be paid.
The issue of a lost passport is not a complicated process in 2020, as the application process can be completed online. While applying for a duplicate passport, the applicant has to submit a fresh application form. You can go through the application process easily through our website.
On the government website, our officials first register your application and create and activate your account. After that, they would fill in the application form for a lost passport.

How To Apply Through Passport Sahayata?

Step 1: Visit Passport Sahayta and click on “Fresh/Re-issue Passport” on the homepage and you will be redirected to the application page.
Step 2: Select the service “Reissue” and choose the type of application - normal or tatkal.
Step 3: In the Reason Section, choose “Lost Passport”
Step 4: Provide the following applicant details;
  • Name and Surname (changes in name or other names)
  • Date And Place of Birth
  • Citizenship status (Residential or non-residential)
  • Marital Status
  • PAN number of the applicant
  • The aadhar card number of the applicant
  • Employment details
  • Parents’ details (in case the applicant is a minor)
  • Parents’ Aadhar number (in case of a minor applicant)
  • Self-declaration for our website to obtain your details with UIDAI
  • Current resident details (Address, town, state, police station)
  • Contact Information of the applicant (Mobile number, Email-ID)
  • Upload the following document files:-
    • Proof of birth (Aadhar card, voter ID, driving license, etc.) - the front and back sides are to be uploaded in separate files
    • Proof of Current Residential address - the front and the backside should be uploaded in separate files.
Step 5: Provide the following details of the previous passport:
  • Passport number
  • Date of issuance
  • Date of expiry
  • Place of issuance
  • File number
  • Details mentioning the type of passport
  • Criminal records if applicable
  • Court cases if applicable
  • EC certificate usage

Step 6: Self-declaration box duly checked
Step 7: Fill up the date of application and continue.
Step 8: Pay the fees online through online payment mode or debit cards.

How Can We Help You?

Our executives at passport-sahayta.org will talk to you directly and guide you on the procedure of how to apply for a lost passport in 2020. They will also assist you in consultations regarding the affidavit that needs to be submitted to the Passport Office mentioning the date of loss of passport. We will recheck your details and verify the documents you have provided to start the application process.
Our executives will book an appointment in the passport office for you. A reminder will be sent to you regarding the date and time of the appointment along with the passport application form, proof of date of birth, proof of current residence, written affidavit of loss of your passport, original copy of your FIR report, self-attested photocopy of the first and the last two pages with the ECR/Non-ECR statement.
We will help you through the entire process in our capability and the final decision of issuance will be taken by the passport officials under the Ministry of External Affairs. Passport-sahayata.org has been given good ratings due to our fast and accurate work ethics. We make our customers our top-most priority.

Frequently Answered Queries

If applying for a fresh Passport, the application may take 30 days and if applied for Tatkal Passport, then 1 to 3 days is taken.

There can be many reasons for re-issue of passport:-

  • If the passport is damaged
  • If the passport is an expired one
  • If the passport is short validity passport, it needs to be renewed
  • If the Passport is lost/stolen
  • If there is a change in some existing details of the passport

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