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How To Apply For A Tatkal Passport?

A passport is a mandatorily required document for traveling out of India, no matter what the reason is. The passports issued before 2021 had a cover that was deep bluish. An emblem of India was situated at the center of the card. Below the emblem "भारत गणराज्य" and "Republic of India" was written. Further above the emblem, it was written "पासपोर्ट" in Hindi and "Passport" in English. In the latest version of the passport, that is the passports assigned after 2021, the positions of the country's name have been exchanged with that of "Passport". In this article, we will know everything about how to apply for a Tatkal passport.

Tatkaal Passport In India

There are ordinarily three types of passports issued in India. These are:

  1. Ordinary Passport or Type P Passport for ordinary citizens of India
  2. Official Passport or Type S Passport for citizens of India who represent the government of India.
  3. Diplomatic Passport or Type D Passport for Indian diplomats, Parliament members, citizens who are members of the Union Council of Ministers, some government officials having a high rank, as well as diplomatic couriers along with their dependents.

A tatkal passport falls under the category of ordinary passports. As the name itself suggests (Tatkal in Hindi means immediate) Tatkal passports are to be applied for when there is an urgent requirement for a passport. As opposed to the normal application process for a passport, Tatkal applications get processed within a very short amount of time. Usually, the passport gets processed within 2 to 3 days from when the applicant applies for a passport. In cases where there is no requirement for police verification, tatkal passports get processed within a day. This speedy process is possible because there are separate lines for the processing of tatkal passports.

Procedure for Tatkal Application of Passports

Tatkal passports are only issued to applicants who have an urgent requirement for their passports. The process for the application for a passport might seem a bit tricky at first. This article contains an in-depth guide on how to apply for a tatkal passport, tatkal passport application fees and documents required for a tatkal passport.

Before you apply for a tatkal passport you need to know that an extra fee is charged for the application for a tatkal passport. Only people who have an urgent need for passports should fill up the tatkal application form, rest should follow the normal application process for their passports.

How To Apply For A Tatkal Passport Online?

If you want to apply online for a passport, you can follow the steps listed below:

  1. The first step to applying for a tatkal passport is to go to the following link: Apply for a passport online in India. If by chance you are opening the website by searching for it online, then do make sure that you are not opening up any fraudulent websites.
  2. After visiting the website at the given link, a form for application will open up. You will be required to choose the services that you want to avail by choosing from options that appear in the box.
  3. After which you will have to select the type of application that you want. Please note that in the case you apply for a tatkal application an extra fee will be charged.
  4. Select the type of passport booklet you want.
  5. Enter the applicant’s details precisely up to your best information.
  6. Fill in the details of place of birth, family details, etc.
  7. Complete the detail of the applicant's current address or the applicant's present residential address details.
  8. Enter the details of your emergency contact.
  9. You can enter any coupon codes that you might have, to avail offers.
  10. After completing the application form, go through the form once and then proceed with the validate and continue option.

After filling out the application form, all applicants will have to make an online payment and book themselves an appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra. Then they will have to physically visit the Passport Service Kendra on the date of appointment to complete the procedure of making their passport. You need to carry the original copies of some documents which have been mentioned below in this article itself. In addition to those documents, you should also carry the receipt of the online payment.

Online Tatkal Passport Application Fees

As it has been mentioned above, an extra fee for the application of tatkaal passports will be charged. The fees mentioned below are the total fee that needs to be paid, including the normal fee as well as the tatkaal fees.

The tatkal passport application fees are different for different kinds of passport and their validity. The application fees for different kinds of passports are covered and details are below.

  • For a new passport having 36 pages valid for a period of 10 years (this includes the case of minors aged between 15 to 18 years) a fee of Rs 3500 needs to be paid.
  • For a new passport having 60 pages valid for 10 years a fee of Rs 4000 needs to be paid.
  • For those cases where the original passport has been lost stolen or damaged, applicant will have to re-issue a passport of 36 pages with a fee of Rs 5000 needs to be paid.
  • For those cases where the original passport has been lost, stolen, or damaged, the applicant will have to re-issue a passport of 60 pages with a fee of Rs 5500 to be paid.
  • For those cases where the applicant wants to change their name, date of birth, picture, address, or any other details in a 36-page passport having a validity of 10 years, a fee of Rs 4000 needs to be paid
  • For those cases where the applicant wants to change their name, date of birth, picture, address, or any other details in a 36-page INOX passport having a validity of 10 years, a fee of Rs 3000 needs to be paid

Please note that in the case of minors who are aged below 15 years, a passport having a validity of 10 years cannot be applied for. Additionally, the government does not charge any fee when they want to issue a certificate of police clearance, ENCR, and other endorsements.

Documents Required For A tatkal passport

When you are applying online for a tatkal passport in India you will require the following documents:

  • An annexure F Certificate of verification
  • Any of the three documents which have been listed are:
  1. A Voter Identity card,
  2. A service ID card having your photograph,
  3. A certificate declaring you as SC, ST or OBC
  4. An Identity card of a freedom fighter,
  5. Property Documents,
  6. Documents of Pension,
  7. Ration card,
  8. A photo Identity card issued by Indian Railways,
  9. PAN card,
  10. A copy of bank passbook,
  11. A recognized institute’s Student ID card,
  12. A Certificate of Birth,
  13. A Bill of the gas connection
  14. A Driving License.

Please keep in mind that you will be required to bring the original copies of the documents as well as one set of photocopies that are self-attested on the day you visit the Passport Seva Kendra to complete the processing of your passport.

Eligibility Criteria For Tatkal Passport Application In India

The final decision on whether a tatkal passport will be assigned to an applicant or not is made by the passport office. However, not everyone can apply for a tatkal passport. There are a few eligibility criteria. An individual who falls in the list given below is not eligible to apply for a Tatkal Passport application in India. Before filling out the application form, read these criteria to ensure that you do not fall into these categories.

  • An Indian citizen who is not born in India.
  • An Indian citizen who acquired citizenship by registration.
  • People who have been deported from other countries to India
  • Indian citizens have been repatriated from some other countries at the expense of the Indian Government.
  • In cases of application for a name change.
  • Indian citizen living in Nagaland.
  • People of Naga origin; residing outside Nagaland.
  • A resident of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Children with single parent.
  • Cases where an applicant is making an application for a fresh passport due to theft of the previous ones.
  • Cases where passports have been damaged beyond recognition.
  • Cases where there has been a change in appearance or sex of the applicant.
  • Cases where there has been a change in signature or other personal credentials.

Why Hire Passport Sahayata?

With the rapid rise in globalization, the demands for passports in India have consistently been increasing? To help meet this ever-increasing demand and to help the citizens of India get themselves a passport in a quick, speed, and reliable manner, Passport Sahayata has been launched.

Our main aim at passport Sahayata is to provide all Indian citizens with easy access to passports, transparently and reliably. We have achieved this quick access to passports by following a dedicated as well as a streamlined process. Passport Sahayata is a Private consultancy having trained and motivated staff that will be happy to help you.


Applying for a tatkal passport and getting yourself a passport in as short a time as possible is not a very easy task. It is quite natural that you might face a lot of issues. However, do not panic; passport sahayata is at your assistance. You can reach out to us in case of any queries and further doubts that you might have regarding the making of your passport.

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