Operations have been resumed in PSK and PSOK post-relaxation given by the states and UTs following the Covid-19 Guidelines. The states and UTs have been taking steps to normalize operations in the aftermath of the pandemic. Indian Nationals intending to obtain a passport can book the appointment through Passport Sahayata for a hassle-free and efficient process.

 Documents Required For Passport

Types of Passport in India

Passports are an essential requirement when traveling abroad. Over the past few years, there has been a growing need for passports as more and more people are traveling across the countries either for work, educational goals, luxury trips or visiting and pilgrimage. The Indian government issues different types of passports to the citizens depending upon their contribution and status in the country.

Types of Passports in India

Typically, there are 3 types of Passports in India:-

The Blue passport

This Passport is issued to the general public of the country. It is a 35-page or 60-page Passport depending upon the age of the applicant. The color of these Passports is mostly navy blue and it is issued to people who are traveling abroad for business trips, luxury trips, etc.the blue color of the passport enables the immigration authorities to clearly distinguish the normal citizens from the high ranking officials. The validity of a blue Passport is 10 years for adults and for minors, it is 5 years or so till they attain the age of 18 years. This eases the process to a great extent.

The White Passport

Considered as the most powerful one, the white passport is issued to high ranking officials of the country. The white color of the Passport is distinguishable from every other color and easily recognizable too. The white passport is carried by the government officials when they are on official tours and this saves a lot of time for them.

The Maroon Passport

This is another Passport issued to the Indian diplomats and senior most government officials who are serving the country. Officers belonging to Indian Police services(IPS)/ Indian Administrative services( IAS) are eligible for such a passport. These people receive a greater number of benefits as compared to other people. Also, these government officials do not require any additional immigration checks at the airport and in-fact, they are refrained from facing any problems with immigration. This saves a great deal of time and effort.

How to Apply for Passport With Us?

  • Visit the website https://passport-sahayata.org/fresh-new-renew-reissue-tatkal-passport.php
  • Fill up the application form given below with all the basic details and Submit it after validating.
  • Pay the required fee via the various payment modes available.
  • Once your application is received by us, our team will assist you in completing the application process.
  • Once all the formalities are done, an appointment is scheduled at the nearest Passport Seva kendra for verification.

How Can Passport Sahayata Help You?

We, at https://passport-sahayata.org/ believe in an easy and fair process for everyone. We are a team of experienced professionals who work closely together and provide the best solution to all your finance related needs. We make your financial needs our topmost priority and wish to serve you the best.
In case of any enquiry, kindly visit us at https://passport-sahayata.org/ and fill up the enquiry form or call us at 9031025497.

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